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July - August July - August 2016 HOT

Mentoring and Counseling happens 7 days a week and 365 days out of the year. It is imperative that we
are honest, sincere and to the point. We will undoubtedly fail our shipmates if we say what they want to
hear versus what is realistic.

No limitation on Above Zone (AZ) selections. If an individual has time to zone a second
time and is on course be careful what you say. The LDO AZ results this year showed 0
CAPTs, 11 CDRs and 12 LCDRs. The CWO AZ results this year showed 4 CWO5s and 15
CWO4s. AZ selections have increased over the years but have always existed. The board
guidance is BEST and FULLY QUALIFIED. That’s been the rules forever.

Board results out this time of the year are both exciting and disappointing. The advice we provide our
officers has to be timely and correct. When we provide Failure of Selection (FOS) counseling keep it
simple and find out what they are missing or the commonalities in all the selects. If you have any
questions about advising an officer…Call their respective detailers. The detailers are their career
counselors and have the most current

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