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October October 2019 HOT

I want to thank and wish Fair Winds and Following Seas to Mr. Mitch Allen, a legend in our community. No one has contributed more to the health and sustainability of our community than Mitch has. Mitch supported our community as the Assistant OCM and CWO OCM for over a decade. In 2008 CWO4 Allen reported aboard and continued to successfully fulfill his duties through his promotion to CWO5, and retirement in 2014. Mitch transitioned to the federal civilian sector, and returned to support our community for another 5 years, until his most recent transfer in September 2019. During his tenure, he and the OCM team were tasked with the Officer Sustainability Initiative (OSI) of 2010. OSI was aimed at properly aligning the entire community to meet the Navy’s mission needs as directed by the Officer Communities that we support. Due to OSI, we made healthy changes within the accession and promotion pyramid structures, while also performing realignment, disestablishment, merging, and off-ramping of several designators. Additionally, our new promotion system, Revised Competitive Categories (RCC) was born out of OSI. After years of hard work, RCC is finally ready for implementation in calendar year 2020. Bottom line: Our community would not be as healthy, or as poised for future sustainability without the efforts of Mr. Mitch Allen. Our entire community owes him a huge debt of gratitude.

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