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September September 2014 HOT

Fellow Mustangs, it is with mixed emotions that I write my final article as an active duty member of our Navy.  I will be retiring on Friday October 24th.  Any of you in the Millington area please stop by. My job will be vacant until the arrival of CWO5 “Liz” Rivera.  Liz was the ideal candidate for this job and will represent our community at the highest level.  
As I depart I need to say thanks to many people but based on my words per minute (typing speed), I can’t thank everyone and still meet the posting date.  I do need to thank my family (Ellen, Mitchell and Craig) for their years of support.  I also need to thank our community leadership beginning with RADM Quinn and RADM White.  
During my tour, we have needed and certainly have received outstanding Flag representation in the management and shaping of our communities.  As the CWO OCM, I would be negligent not to thank ADM Ferguson, who provided a much needed vote to the law and policy changes that will provide more equitable retirement packages to all Navy CWOs.  I want to thank my bosses, Captain Scot Abel who brought me into this position and allowed me this unique opportunity; to have input on our communities.  To Captain John Jones who inherited me and allowed me the opportunity to fully engage my passion of manpower / manning as we began the implementation of the “sustainability initiative.”  To Captain Len Friddle who continued to provide me latitude in the management of the community.  To CDR Bill Johnson for his continued support of the community as our mission of building viable careers for all LDOs and CWOs continues.  Finally to the rest of the team (during my tenure),  LCDR Shane Walker, LT “Leo” Peterson, and Mr. (LTJG) Dondre Rittman, I am indebted to each of you for your leadership, support and candor.  Each of us has been fortunate to have such a dedicated group of professionals representing our team.  To the entire Mustang community thanks to you and your families for all you do each and every day.

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