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February February 2014 HOT

As mentioned in last month’s Lariat, RADM White assumed LDO/CWO Community Flag Sponsor.  To view RADM White’s bio, cut/paste the hyperlink into your browser: With my upcoming retirement, the rest of the OCM team will remain in place for at least another year.  Any reliefs will be handpicked to ensure they share the same philosophies and vision of the current staff to ensure we keep the Mustang community moving forward.   
Hearty congratulations to our new LDO and CWO selectees.  I remember so clearly the day I got the word – it is completely life changing for you and your family.  The pleasant surprise will be just how much better your life will become now that you have earned the right to be called a Navy Mustang.  Welcome to the greatest community in the Navy!  
As of this writing we are getting deep into our recruiting drive and community engagement through our road-show briefs.  This is an extremely busy time for the community as we spread the word and the vision of the Mustang community.  Please make an effort to come see us when we come to your AOR and bring your superstars to the Applicant brief.   See you in the Fleet!

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