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December December 2013 HOT

Happy New Year from Millington!  I trust that everyone had a great Christmas and New Year Holiday break and are in the process of catching up as you charge into 2014.  Please don't forget about those who are deployed these holidays and keep them and their families in your prayers......THANK YOU ALL!!!!  For the LDO/CWO shop, as it is every year at this time, it has been a busy couple of months with accession and promotion planning.   Our annual selection board will begin 8 January 2014 and we will anxiously await the release of the message to see the selectees that will join us in the greatest community in the Navy - the Mustang community.  I wish the best of luck to all the applicants!       

As with the previous years, it appears that the 2014 travel budget has been hit hard.  Unfortunately, this will limit our annual Road Show briefs.  As funding becomes available, and we can find various sponsors to help allocate funds for our travel in the Fleet, we will hit the road as soon as possible providing our community health and applicant briefs.  

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