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November November 2013 HOT

 Happy belated Thanksgiving to all!  Accession planning for the FY-15 Active Duty In-service Procurement Board is in full swing.  Many thanks to the Senior LDO/CWO Leadership Group, Board of Directors, Detailers and community managers across all designators for assisting with the Discrete Requirement updates.       

This month I would like to highlight “Zones”, as in, "Promotion zone", or "in zone", which consists of those officers who have not previously been considered for promotion for the next higher grade and who are eligible for promotion by virtue of their relative seniority within their competitive category, based on lineal number.  LDOs are currently grouped in one of two competitive categories, line or staff, independent of specific designator.  CWOs compete in one competitive group.   The senior officer in the promotion zone is the "senior in zone", and the junior officer in that zone is the "junior in zone".  The promotion zone is the foundation of the promotion plan.  Individual designator promotion statistics are generated after each board is concluded and these are then posted online; however individual designators are not used for determination of the zone or who will compete for promotion prior to the board.  Later this month the NOTICE OF CONVENING FY-15 NAVY ACTIVE DUTY PROMOTION SELECTION BOARDS NAVADMIN will be released.  That NAVADMIN will identify which officers are truly “in zone” for promotion.   Once that NAVADMIN hits the streets, I highly recommend sitting down with your chain of command and/or mentor(s) for clarification.

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