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September September 2013 HOT

By the time you get this month’s Lariat, the 1 October application deadline will have passed.  Best of luck to all of your applicants, this is always an exciting time for our community.   

Fall is again upon us and for Officer Community Managers, the annual work of determining next year’s FY15 Promotion Plan, followed by the annual Accession Plan to support the January FY15 In-Service Procurement Board for LDOs and CWOs. Once we receive end-strength numbers from Big Navy, we can then start calculation of the zones based on our vacancy needs.  With that said, do not assume you will be In Zone, wait until the message is released, but get your records squared away.  QUESTION:  Is your record up to date?   Photos in current grade, last FITREP, qualifications and awards should all be up to date.  If not,  provides information on updating records.  I also strongly recommend sitting with your mentors, past board members and/or your chain of command to get a thorough review of your record.  

I just recently returned from consecutive Road trips to Guam, Yokosuka and Atsugi Japan.  Mitch accompanied me during the trips to Hawaii and PACNORWEST.  A brief synopsis of each trip is provided in the TRIP REPORT column.  To those of you that played a role in coordinating these trips with Leo, thank you very much.   As we get information on the FY-14 Road Show Trip schedule, we will share.

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