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July July 2013 HOT

Fresh off of our Tidewater Road trip.  Mitch and I were able to get out and provide some updated community information to over 200 Mustangs in Little Creek, Oceana and Norfolk. I’d like to personally thank all of you who came out and talked to us and a big BZ to those who hosted us in the three locations!  

The Active and Reserve Limited Duty Officer (LDO)  and Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) In-Service Procurement NAVADMINs ( 176/13 and 177/13) have been released.  We continue to field questions daily concerning time in service (TIS) waivers for LDO and CWO.  I ask that all Mustangs review NAVADMIN 281/12, paragraph 4b and counsel applicants on eligibility and TIS waivers.

As stated in last month’s Lariat,” RADM Quinn, our Flag Sponsor, has deemed our travel Mission Essential to the LDO/CWO community.”   We have been offered the opportunity to travel to San Diego from August 12th thru the 16th to provide LDO/CWO Community Health and Applicant briefs.  Leo has just firmed up the itinerary.  A special thanks to LT Craig Leonard and LT Todd Lombard at COMTHIRDFLT for sponsoring the trip.   Below in the “2013 Road Show Fleet Engagement Schedule” column, you will find the schedule for our San Diego visit. We’ve also submitted travel requests for Jax, Mayport, Kings Bay, Pensacola and Newport in August.  Then hoping to get to Guam, Japan, Hawaii, PACNORWEST and possibly Newport in September.  So as our travel gets approved we’ll be reaching out for sponsors in those areas.  Email Leo directly with any questions:  [email protected]

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