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March March 2011 HOT

 In March we had the opportunity to travel to the SE US and Guantanamo Bay to present our new brief in addition to our recruiting brief.  The community brief is  l-o-n-g but probably very little can be cut because it really lays out what was broken, what we have done to fix it, and what the future holds including initiatives to address some long standing problems.  I think the general mood in most audiences was, initially, anxious and possibly even hostile.  But the mood at the end of the brief can best be described as cautiously optimistic.  Quite honestly there is lots of good in this initiative with very few being disadvantaged (and even that is minimal because we will age any force changes).   It will take a couple of years to fully implement all of the changes and  I believe that all initiatives will be carried out because they are logical and best for the Navy and are supported by our chain of command (Flag and community).  The OCM team in place right now will be here for at least a year together, and any reliefs will be handpicked to ensure they share the same philosophies, vision, and fortitude to ensure completion.   This fits very well with our Flag Sponsor, Admiral Quinn, retaining leadership of our community as he transitions to NETC Pensacola – an incredible win for us as he greatly values what you do for our Navy.

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