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February February 2011 HOT

25 February 2011 is a date that should go into our history book as a day of celebration.  It was the day we met with CNP and presented all of your hard work in outlining a new course proposal to manage our community in meeting Navy needs. It was also the date that we received approval to fix some of the long term problems our community has battled with for decades.   The work outlined was very complex and included your inputs, your community Flag Officer concerns, and guidance from our sponsor, Admiral Quinn.  It included great feedback from RDML Kurta (1110) and RDML Covell (1200) to ensure we could realistically achieve what we were asking for.  It was evident that the restructure of our billet base, making it viable and sustainable, was not enough.  There are some very necessary elements to ensure that these changes will have a long term lasting effect and that we don’t find ourselves doing annual deep dives to make course changes. In a nutshell, we need the supporting inventory to do the job in the long term – I am very happy to tell you that our chain of command supported that view and was accepted by CNP as a requirement.

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