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November - December November - December 2017 HOT

I hope all had a chance to enjoy the holiday period with loved ones and/or with people you enjoy being around. I also hope your batteries have been recharged and you are ready to continue tackling the challenges we face as a community in addition to the challenges of your assigned billet with renewed enthusiasm.

2017 was a busy year that had some long standing projects come to fruition or close to being completed but also a year of significant changes. We changed sponsors from RADM White to RADM Cozad in August. You got a new OCM in May, a new CWO OCM in August and lost the assistant OCM (LT Holly Taylor). I am still answering the phone from individuals looking for LT Taylor validating the impact she made on the fleet during her tenure. The torch was passed to us from those that continuously fought to improve our community and make it "relevant". It is up to us to live up to the lofty expectations of not only the title but of the responsibility of taking care of all LDO/CWOs.

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