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September - October September - October 2017 HOT

I recently returned from attending the LDO/CWO Board of Directors (BOD) meeting in Pensacola. I am sure there are many in our community that don’t even know we have a BOD or if they are aware of one probably have no idea about what they do. I was once in that category so I thought it would be prudent to share some history and what transpired during our recent BOD.

Prior to 2010 the LDO/CWO community would send their senior leaders (CAPT/CWO5) from each designator to Millington for a Senior Leadership Conference to discuss community matters. Due to fiscal cuts, the Leadership Conference was disbanded and the LDO/CWO BOD was born. The BOD makeup consists of our Silver Eagle (President), Head LDO/CWO OCM (Vice President), SWON, CWO OCM and the NUC OCM. Additional members are senior leaders from each competitive category (surface, sub/nuc, aviation, general line and staff, IWC (CWO5 only due to having no control grade work for LDOs) and special interest (female representation if absent as a senior leader and spec warfare). This makeup ensures equal representation across all Competitive Categories.

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