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July - August July - August 2017 HOT

Farewell RADM White! Sir, on behalf of all LDOs and CWOs (active and retired) who have had the honor to serve under your leadership, I say thanks for your guidance and support, Fair Winds and Following Seas. Welcome aboard to our new LDO/CWO sponsor, RADM Cozad. We look forward to your assistance and guidance. I had the opportunity to brief RADM Cozad at the end of August. He is a big fan of our community and is genuinely interested in our health and sustainability. He understands the direction we are going with Officer Sustainability Initiative and how that will change the way we promote two years from now. He also understands our current initiatives and challenges in certain designators. My goal is to keep RADM Cozad well informed and involved in shaping our community.

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