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August August 2012 HOT

August was a busy month and we found ourselves on the road for several days as we continued to provide the road show community and applicant briefs to those commands that requested our presence. We attended the SEAL conference in San Diego to discuss the CWO SEAL community future and we had a great visit. We also traveled all the way to Guam to visit the base and submarine tenders, and received a great showing and support while there. We had to rush back to Millington to prepare and brief the Chief of Naval Personnel, VADM Van Buskirk, on the LDO & CWO Sustainability Initiative on 27 September. The CNP was very receptive to the work being done and has asked for further follow-up by the N13 (RADM Kurta) and NPC (RADM Covell) to the Enterprise Flag Officers and their manpower shops on where we are headed with the correcting of our pyramids and building a more viable and sustainable LDO & CWO community.

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