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Since becoming the OCM, I have had the opportunity to visit many ships, regions, and installations. During those visits I have had similar conversations over and over with senior leaders, both within and outside our community. The main topic of discussion is Mustang Pride?

The professionalism on display by LDOs and CWOs around the Navy would make anyone proud to be a Mustang. That’s the good, but let me share the bad. Have you heard or ever said, "I did it the hard way, I earned it"? Over the years I have come to appreciate how shortsighted it is to make this statement or include it in commissioning, promotion, or retirement programs.

Here’s why: The odds are that the senior officers you pay your respects to every day with a "Yes, Sir" or "Yes, Ma’am" kind of thinks they earned it as well. Your pride may be well-deserved, but if it places you above others it’s probably something you should revisit.

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